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Full-service Integrated & Sustainability Reporting

MK-Africa applies the GRI reporting framework to offer end-to-end expertise including writing, design, development, and production of your report. We guide you to use the reporting process as a management tool rather than producing a report for the report’s sake.

The scope of sustainability challenges confronting companies requires a comprehensive approach to governance, strategy, and communication. Our approach helps clients develop a deeper understanding of relationships and commitments, make better decisions, create more robust engagement with all stakeholders, and reduce reputational risks.

Through our reporting efforts, MK-Africa helps clients make a commitment to:

Targeted & Creative Brand Communications

MK-Africa helps you tell your sustainability story in creative and compelling ways targeted to each of your key stakeholders, including employees, customers and suppliers. Our graphic design team enables us to be a one-stop shop for clients looking for design complemented by deep sustainability subject matter knowledge.

MK-Africa has communications experts who can effectively identify the essence and vision of a company and bring customized sustainability messaging to life both internally and externally. We work with our clients to develop sustainability reports, communicate internally to employees, and address the brand needs of in communicating the sustainability benefits of products and services.

Online Reporting

Getting stakeholders to read a company sustainability report and derive value from it is often a challenge. Online sustainability or integrated reporting is more accessible, engaging, and measurable than stand-alone print reports. When done well, a strong online sustainability presence drives stakeholders to get the information they want quickly and easily, thus creating an enjoyable user experience that has them returning for more.

Brand Identity Development

We work with our clients to build brand identities for sustainability programs. We draft sustainability messages, develop creative tagline options, create design options that align with your message and resonate with stakeholders.

Video Production

Video is an engaging and consistent way to explain what sustainability is and why it matters to your company. MK-Africa can help you to develop a 3–5 minute animated or live action video that brings your story to life.

Targeted Communications Materials

We transform sustainability messaging into visually appealing infographics. Infographics can communicate key sustainability messages about a company and its products.

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