Stakeholder Engagement

We help you to prioritize groups and individuals to engage to get a fair representation of stakeholder perspectives. We can also help you engage your stakeholders—from focus groups to one-on-one interviews to online surveys—and summarize the results to make it accessible and relevant to you.

Stakeholder Training

Your stakeholders are your decision-makers, doers, and partners necessary to keep your business in operation. Sustainability training can strengthen those partnerships—be it with your board, employees, or suppliers. Our team is highly skilled in stakeholder training and education, providing customized curriculum for a variety of audiences and topics.

Employee Engagement

For sustainability to be successful at your company, employees must understand and embrace the organization’s sustainability efforts. MK-Africa develops sustainability employee engagement plans to build awareness, prompt employees to take action and provide a path for employees to drive change in your organization.

Engaging employees around sustainability is complex and takes time. It requires developing a deep understanding of the employee audiences and leveraging communication channels that are most effective for each audience. We take time to uncover what will work best for your culture, your employees, and your industry to help you to tailor a plan that suits your organization.

A successful engagement plan includes a comprehensive set of tactics that spans at least 18 to 24 months to embed sustainability in the organization.

Stakeholder Sustainability Report Launch Plans

We can help you to maximize the return on your reporting efforts by developing a launch plan to include specific tactics for different stakeholder audiences. This may include investor-related targeted communications, employee presentations, or other creative internal and external communications.

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