Setting Your Direction

Materiality Assessments

Our materiality assessment process helps businesses prioritize issues and determine what’s most actionable for the company. Our clients benefit from a process that creates alignment between business strategy and sustainability strategy.

MK-Africa’s materiality assessment process helps a business identify, prioritize and validate its most significant sustainability impacts, risks, and opportunities, driving the organization’s vision, strategy, goals, management approach, and reporting.

Sustainability Vision & Goals

MK-Africa leads you through an exercise to guide our clients in articulating a sustainability vision and facilitates their teams through the process of establishing sustainability goals and metrics aligned with their sustainability vision, material topics and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Strategy Development & Implementation

We create a strategic plan for proactively managing your material sustainability topics. As needed, we support implementation while highlighting best practices and providing support throughout the review period.

MK-Africa also engages our clients on identifying the structure to effectively manage sustainability at their organizations. This includes aligning ownership for sustainability at every level of the organization—from the board of directors to department managers.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

MK-Africa can help your company determine how your sustainability priorities align with the SDGs. We consider SDG alignments within materiality assessments, sustainability goal setting, and report development—or we can facilitate a stand-alone SDG Strategy Workshop to determine how your company can contribute to the SDGs.

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